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Original Contemporary Art

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About the Artist

Thank you for taking the time to stop by my website!

I would like to take the opportunity to introduce you to myself and my art!

I have recently started experimenting in Acrylic Flow Art.  It’s a fascinating abstract form of painting, utilizing color, movement and the unpredictability that comes with fluidity.

When I started, I learned a lot from fellow acrylic flow artists primarily on YouTube.  Over time I felt that the use of fluid art can also be predictable and painting with a purpose can achieve some fascinating results.

Over the past year I have been experimenting more with the "dump and swirl" technique, attempting to "perfect" an art form and to achieve predictable results.  The science behind this pouring is somewhat precise with having to mix paints with several different consistencies to get the desired results.  I have scraped off the paint from many canvases when the results were not what I had hoped for and started over, until I was able to create my own formula in preparing for a pour.

The use of the dump and swirl technique has been an exciting way for me to express myself in the realm of abstract art.  Abstract art does not attempt to represent any natural thing in our world but instead uses shapes, colors, and forms to achieve this effect.

As I continue to grow as an artist, I appreciate your support and questions.

All my art on this website is for sale.  We take special precautions in packing and sending my paintings to ensure that it arrives in pristine condition.

Thank you again for stopping by to see my work!

Dwight Myers

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Dwight Myers

Rochester, New York


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